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Nestled in Slovenia's Gorenjska region, the landscape is a breathtaking tapestry of rolling hills, pristine lakes, and traditional Alpine villages. The crystal-clear rivers winding through the area offer fly fishing enthusiasts a serene escape, with trout and grayling thriving in the well-maintained waters. Surrounded by the Julian Alps and the Karavanke range, anglers experience a harmonious connection with nature, creating an immersive and eco-friendly fishing adventure. Gorenjska stands as a haven where the art of fly fishing meets the tranquility of an idyllic setting.

The Sava River around the fishing club Tržič is truly a fly fishing heaven due to its pristine waters teeming with diverse aquatic life. The club's commitment to conservation ensures a flourishing ecosystem, making it an ideal habitat for trout and other sought-after species. The scenic beauty of the surrounding Tržič area, with its picturesque landscapes and mountainous backdrop, enhances the overall fishing experience. Anglers at this haven not only enjoy the thrill of successful catches but also contribute to the preservation of this fly fishing paradise through sustainable practices.

Ribiška družina Tržič
Ročevnica 61
4290 Tržič

E-mail: info@rdtrzic.si
Mobile phone: +386 51 632 485
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